Daily hassles of Mumbai travel


Rickshawalas have been creating havoc in our lives from quite some time now. “No”, seems to be their favourite word. And going on strike is like their favourite pastime. They want us to live according to their whims and fancies, and if we don’t they go on strike.

Earlier the reasons for their strike were different. I remember till 2010, the rickshaw fare was Rs. 9. And today, it’s double. And if their demands are not met, they go on strike.

The cost of CNG has been Rs. 43.45/kg since 20th November, 2014. Yet, they went on strikes twice after that, once to increase the prices to Rs. 15 and last year to increase it to Rs. 18.

Okay not boring you with more statistics. The point is that these rickshawalas have been creating a nuisance for us, and we’re not going to take it anymore. They don’t always say yes to you. I’m pretty sure, every rickshawala must be listening to at least 5 Mumbaikars shouting after him “Abbe Andheri nahi toh kya Dubai jayega?”, everyday.

Even if they do say yes, they just have to be arrogant! They will drop you only till wherever they want to. This happened with me just a few days ago. I took a rickshaw from Ville Parle West station to Juhu. I was just 10 minutes away from reaching my destination, and the rickshawala told me, “I will take a left and stop. You get down here and walk.”

“I told you I had to go near ISKCON temple before sitting in your rickshaw. So you better take a right and drop me where you are supposed to”, I told him.

He took a right anyway but and told me very arrogantly “I am doing you a big favour by dropping you here”. And he stopped the rickshaw just outside my lane. He wasn’t even ready to take the rickshaw inside.

I got down. Checked the meter. It was Rs. 44. I gave him a Rs. 50 note and told him, “You’re going to go out of business one day.”

“Why will I go out of business?”, he asked me.

“Ola and Uber are better than you people. They pick us and drop us where they are supposed to. And we’d rather spend a little extra money on them and travel comfortably than take your attitude. You’re not doing me a favour. You’re supposed to be doing your job”, I told him. And I began to walk away..

“Madam, your change”, he called after me. “Keep it”, I told him. “I’m doing you a big favour by not taking it back”. And I went home.

Who did he think he was to do me a favour? I didn’t ask for it. He has one job, and he won’t even do that right!

What these people don’t understand is, they are not in a position to throw their weight around anymore. They went on strike recently because Uber and Ola are taking over their business. And that was the day Uber and Ola got more business than usual.

It’s high time they realize we’re not entirely depending on them anymore. We all have smart phones and we’d rather spend a little more and travel comfortably by AC.

Not all rickshawalas are like this. There are a handful of them who are really nice. But because of the rest of these arrogant fools, even they are suffering.

And honestly, I won’t even feel bad if their business suffers. They’ve made us suffer quite a lot anyway. What with tampering the meters in the past, the increase in the rickshaw fares over the years, and their sick attitude! We’ve had enough.

And just imagine how beautiful the suburbs would look without rickshaws!


Image source:  http://bit.ly/2c883Lj



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