Hymn for the weekend

So we all knew Coldplay had shot one of their music videos in Bombay’s Worli Village. We just didn’t know which one. Until they uploaded Hymn For The Weekend’s music video on 29th Jan.

I really do not understand why most of us Indians are criticizing the video so much. I personally, really liked it. A band like Coldplay, decided to shoot their video in India! That’s pretty exciting! I really don’t think they stereotyped it in any way.

They wanted this theme for the video, and they thought India would be the best place to shoot it in. What exactly were people expecting them to show in the video? A group of people partying? I’m pretty sure they would have created a big issue out of that as well. Because that’s just how we are.

Agreed, there is a lot more to India than just spirituality and couple of children playing Holi. But shouldn’t we be proud that a part of our vast culture was portrayed to the world so beautifully by a band like Coldplay?

I really don’t think there is anything to be ashamed of. It’s not like Coldplay showed the disgusting side of India.. people peeing and spitting on the road, or children begging for money or child labour or any of that.

I’m pretty sure people around the world know there is much more to India than just spirituality. Half of our people are either studying or working abroad, and obviously spreading the word around about how India has developed over the years and what a wonderful country it actually is.

And honestly, shouldn’t we be thankful they shot the video at Worli Village and not at any of Bombay’s beaches? We really should not be complaining…

Also, this is what I saw when I opened my own ‘A Head Full OF Dreams’ album- Coldplay written in Hindi 😀




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